Training about data.

For people not geeks.

Whether it's a spreadsheet or a database, we really know our stuff. But our training's all about helping you, not baffling you.

"This session was massively helpful! In all honesty, I expected it to be long and boring. However, it was really interactive and engaging. Highly recommended!" 

Exclusive Networks

What training do we offer?

We are experts in our field, and our training focuses on all things data. Our main areas of training are SQL, Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel, but we also have an extensive network of contacts who can help with courses as diverse as ITIL or Project Management, Microsoft Word or Power BI. Just ask. 

Microsoft Excel training courses

Are you looking for a gentle introduction for people who  know that Excel exists, and that other people in the office use it, but not much more than that? We'll make it simple - and fun.

Or are you a power user, wanting to expand your knowledge of Index and Match, Pivot Tables and writing macros from scratch? That's us too. Just let us know what you need, and we'll build a course to meet your needs.

Microsoft Access training courses

Do you have a database - perhaps one put together by someone who's moved on - and you need to understand it better?

Or do you need to create a new database, and want to get it right from day 1?

Either way, we can help. Tables, Forms, Queries, Reports, Coding - whatever will make the course work for you, at any level from beginners to advanced users. 

And because we have built real, mission critical databases for organisations large and small, our training is based on our real-world experience, not a book.

SQL training courses

Our SQL courses will guide you on the whole journey of building and using a SQL database. 

Starting with the essentials of creating a new SQL database, we will cover MAKE TABLE statements, data types, INDEX considerations, Triggers and more. 

We can look at the different types of query, using the SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE keywords, and build on from there, covering myriad SQL functions, CTE queries, views, stored procedures, user defined functions...

We can base the course around your own SQL Server installation, or can use SQL Azure, including showing you how to set up your Azure SQL Server from scratch.

In short, whatever you need from your SQL course, we're here to provide it.

Why train with The IT Service?

Because our training is the best in the business.

Why do we say that?

Partly, it's because every course is tailored to your requirements and we're happy to build the course around your data, your examples and your staff, rather than being based on some generic training manual.

It also helps that we come to you, rather than expecting you to come to us.

And it's a good idea that we don't charge per person. After all, you're really just paying for our time - and that's the same whether there's one or 8 of you.

More than that, it's also because we're real experts, who don't just train this stuff, but spend our lives actually implementing it for companies just like yours.

But above all, it's because we're actually good at training. We communicate well, have a sense of humour and actually want you to enjoy your course, as well as learn from it. 

But don't just take our word for it...

Highly recommended...

" The IT Service gave an excellent Access training course. It was geared exactly to our needs and was well explained throughout so we were left with a usable database and the skills to keep writing it and using it. Everything was clearly explained and the consultant took the time to answer our questions in detail. I would highly recommend his work to anyone.."

Vanessa Kellie

(Gradko International)


Immensely useful...

"Absolutely brilliant! Clear, concise and taught me a huge amount in a very short time.  I found it immensely useful and would recommend this type of course over the usual courses we go on.  It is much easier to understand when it is dealing with information you are using all the time.  He was an excellent tutor and I wouldn’t hesitate in asking for him again.."

A. S. 

(Winchester City Council)


Attention to detail...

"From the start, we were impressed with the knowledge, professionalism and attention to detail that The IT Service brought to the planning stage of the project… the trainer managed to convey the technical information of a potentially dry subject required while retaining the interest and involvement of all staff… we would be delighted to work with them again."

Chris Blair

(Touchlines/Bandai Namco)


We'd love to help you if we can!

Let us know how we can help - from the basics of Excel to writing advanced SQL queries, we're always happy to chat.

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