We are delighted that so many organisations - large and small, private sector and public, commercial and not-for-profit - have chosen to work with us. And we'd love to help you too.

We'd like to thank our clients.
And we'd love you to join them.

We're immensely proud of our customers. They cover such a huge range of activities and operate in such a variety of sectors. 

Here are some of the names you may recognise, but there are dozens of other organisations that trust us too.

Why do they come to us?

Because we listen.
Because our service is about what works for the client, not for us.
Because we are experts in our field.
Because if we're not experts, we won't do the work - but we'll find experts instead.

They tell us nice things about our service. But rather than having a page of testimonials, we'd rather you just Google "The IT Service" and look at our rating there, because that's not within our control, so will always be independent.

And if you'd like to join our customers and work with us, we'd be delighted to talk.