Data-based training and database design. With a human face.

We make data personal. Whether that's through a database that really does what you need, or a course that's intelligent, informative and actually enjoyable.

"We were so happy with the result and the service we received with the first database that we asked them to build a second!" 

Imperial College London

Here's what we do...

Two services - training and development - linked by a common theme: making your data work for you.

We provide training on all things data

We are really passionate about training. It's our belief that if you book a course, the real cost isn't the money, it's the time. You're taking a day out of your work - a day you'll never get back - and it's our responsibility to make that day valuable.

So, we don't do fixed courses on fixed dates. You tell us what you need to achieve and when you want to do it, and we'll put together a day to make that happen. Whether it's a four-day in-depth course for 3 people, or 20 people split over two sessions in a single day. 

Our focus is on all things data - Excel, SQL, Access, VBA and database design, but whatever you need, we'd love to help.

Josie Howard - Imperial College London

Josie Howard

I attended an advanced excel training course organised by my company. Andrew is the best trainer I have ever experienced; he is so engaging, able to understand and tailor requirements as needed and has a way of explaining things that makes something potentially complicated seem achievable. They have a wide repertoire and we shall definitely be asking for future training on other projects. Prices are very competitive too and actually exceptional value for money when considering the quality of service and volume of knowledge that they have.

We build databases for clients large and small

We don't just train people - we do the work too. 

We work with clients to create bespoke databases that meet the needs of their organisation and their unique processes. 

We've worked with clients on dozens of projects, from monitoring agricultural land usage in Tibet (yes, really) to tracking the marketing spend on the latest single released by the band that the Beatles could have been - Jedward (yes, also really).

And whether it's for a client the size of Marks and Spencer or a local independent forensic laboratory, our questions remain the same:

  • How can we make your data really work for you?
  • How can we make your life easier?
  • How can we give you what you really need? 

Simon Wills

The IT Service developed us a database which quite literally revolutionised the way we worked.

From being heavily paper-based, we were able to use our database to electronically send invoices to clients, orders to manufacturers and newsflashes to our staff.

Not only did they display the technical expertise that reassured us that they could do the job well, but more importantly, they were brilliant at communicating, and became a really valued part of our team.

What's more - we can combine the two, to produce a service that's right for you

Perhaps you've already got a database, but the person who built it is no longer available to update it. Or perhaps your database no longer quite fits the bill, has become unstable or just really slow?

We can do whatever you need to help out. 

We will charge for the time we spend, working in your office or remotely, providing ongoing maintenance or a complete overhaul. We can tweak one screen or rebuild the whole thing.

And better yet, we can teach you to do this too. Drawing on our years of training experience, we can work with you so that you gain the knowledge to understand exactly how your database works, and can take over maintaining your own database in due course - if that's what you want.

  • A one-off job or a regular service contract
  • Fix crashes, problems and error messages
  • Make your database run faster
  • Build a complete database from scratch
  • Update the functionality of an existing database
  • Migrate your data to the cloud
  • Teach you how to create new screens or queries
  • Create tools to export data your to Excel or to PDF
  • Provide free advice and guidance

Hayley Cramer Metropolitan Police
Mina Patel Advisor, Natural England
Krista Fieldhouse Partner, Gerald Eve
Christian Addie Imperial College London
H.E., Exclusive Networks
Annie Ivison Senior Wildlife Advisor at Natural England

Much better than expected!

The course was much better than expected! I really feel I learnt things that I will definitely use in the future. The trainer was great. So knowledgeable, patient and able to answer every question.

Brilliant, knowledgeable, clear

Andrew was brilliant, very knowledgeable and able to impart this in a clear way. The training was excellent. I learnt so much. The pace was just right. I hope to have the opportunity apply this in my work. I will also carry out the exercises to reinforce what I learnt today. Thank you very much Andrew.

It is rare to get this level of service

I contacted Andrew after the course for help with applying an approach he had taught us. I thought it would be reasonably straightforward to follow the method we used on the day, but with just a couple more variables. I was utterly naïve in this assumption, but Andrew was remarkable in not telling me so and he went out of his way to help and explain the solution. His input has made a huge difference to me in the current project I am undertaking and without it I believe we would have resorted to manual inputting with the resulting time issues and potential for human error. I have now been left with the time to think properly about the issues and the solution rather than worrying about the boring application of the multiple scenarios. It is rare, in my experience, to get this level of service and I would definitely recommend Andrew’s course and his follow up help.

Entertaining and engaging

Andrew was excellent. He was entertaining and engaging. He clearly knows his stuff. P.S I am not normally this positive.

Very thorough and extensive training

Andrew at the IT Service provided a very thorough and extensive training session and overview into the GDPR. This has given me the knowledge to apply the principals to my company and enable us to move forwards with confidence that we are compliant. Many companies are facing this challenge, but Andrew and his team have provided a great value and easy-to-digest summary of the relevant parts of the new regulation. This is now my work-bible, and will help immensely. No more misinformation, thanks to The It Service.

First class!

As a Trade Association we have a professional obligation to help our member companies prepare for the forthcoming GDPR regulations. We employed Andrew Richards from The IT Service to undertake the training for us. His delivery, content and no-nonsense approach was extremely well received and I cannot recommend him highly enough to any organisation wanting to address their own obligations under these new regulations. No scare mongering or 'tasters' to try and extract more money for a solution to a threatened Armageddon - just a straight forward; "This is what's coming - and this is what you need to do." First class!

Excellent and highly recommended.

The IT Service was very responsive in providing a company-wide on site GDPR awareness training programme.
Andrew Richards is an exceptional presenter – providing a comprehensive and engaging overview of the GDPR tenets – the consistent compliment was simple surprise that data protection could be made so interesting…
Andrew delivered the key messages both in terms of the concepts and the implications with a refreshing perspective and context.
Excellent and highly recommended.

Highly recommended!

This session was massively helpful! In all honesty, as this training was on Excel, I expected it to be long and boring. However, this session was really intereactive and engaging. Highly recommend!

Well paced and delivered

The course was well paced and delivered - I was really surprised how much was covered. It was great working with data sets as we went to actually put things into practice ourselves.

We'd love to help you if we can!

Let us know how we can help - whether it's advice on Excel or a full database design, we're always happy to chat.

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