The IT Service Terms and Conditions of service

For training courses

  1. The IT Service Limited reserves the right to improve or modify the content and format of courses without giving prior notice.
  2. Delegates are responsible for reviewing the course contents to ensure that the course selected will satisfy their learning objectives and that they meet the course pre-requisites. It is especially noted that the client must ensure that all attendees have a similar level of knowledge and experience in the area being trained. If a course is attended by people with widely varying levels of ability, the quality of the training experience will invariably be impaired for all attendees.
  3. A delegate due to attend a course, may be substituted in person by another at any time. Additional delegates may be added to the course at any time, upon payment of the appropriate delegate charge. However, it may not be possible to change course contents at this stage if printed materials have been ordered.
  4. Although The IT Service will accommodate as many people on a course as is required by the client, it is hereby acknowledged by the client that larger numbers of delegates on a course will inevitably lead to less individual attention, and may impact on the quality of the training
    experience. In particular, it is advised that a maximum of 8 delegates should attend any technical training such as XML, database design or programming courses.

For training courses and consultancy bookings

  1. The full fee including VAT is payable within 30 days of our invoice date, or prior to the start of the course or consultancy period whichever is earlier.
  2. All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate.
  3. Provisional reservations may be made either by email or telephone, but are not considered to be confirmed until a signed booking form is received.
  4. Payment can be made by bank transfer or by credit / debit card. We do not accept payment by cheque.
  5. Notice of cancellation should be sent in writing to or to your account manager at least 20 working days before course or consultancy commencement date in which case a full credit or refund will be issued.
  6. If notification is received between 10 and 20 days prior to the course or consultancy commencement date, a credit/refund of 50% of the fee will be issued.
  7. We understand that our clients may occasionally need to reschedule training or consultancy which has already been booked. Such requests must be made in writing to However, if the request to reschedule is received within 10 working days, we reserve the right to charge 50% of the amount invoiced for the work. If the request to reschedule is received between 10 and 20 days prior to the start of training or consultancy, we reserve the right to charge 25% of the amount invoiced for the work.
  8. If the training or consultancy to be provided requires us to procure services from a third party, any cancellation period specified by this third party shall override the cancellation and rescheduling periods specified in points 9, 10 and 11 above. We will notify you of any such change in cancellation / rescheduling period.
  9. The IT Service Ltd may reschedule courses or consultancy due to exceptional circumstances beyond our control. Clients will be notified by fax, email or telephone.
  10. Unless clients inform The IT Service Ltd otherwise in writing, we may use the name and logo of client companies on our website at in order to provide potential clients with a list of those organisations and companies with whom The IT Service has worked.
  11. Unless delegates state in the relevant place upon completing a feedback form that they do not wish us to do so, The IT Service Ltd may use comments provided as part of such feedback in our marketing materials, including on our website.