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When did you last give your trainer a gift?

 November 20

by Andrew Richards

Making a difference, one cup at a time…

I spend a lot of time going to client offices to run training courses. Sometimes these courses go really well, and once or twice, I’ve been in the slightly embarrassing position of getting a round of applause at the end of the session. But it’s rare to get a gift.

A couple of weeks back, however, I was at a ship management company called A M Nomikos, near London’s Victoria Station.

It happens that on this occasion, it being before 9am, I was feeling less than human as I arrived at Victoria, and as I was a little early, I decided that a coffee would be the solution (as it is to most things). So, I went into a well-known chain, and bought my usual black Americano, before heading to the client’s offices.

Toward the end of the morning, I was chatting to one of the people on the course, who gestured at my now empty cup, and said something along the lines of “Very disappointed to see you wasting a disposable coffee cup.” He was, of course, completely right. We (and I) get through far to many of these, and as we all know, they’re not recyclable.

Blushing slightly, I said “I couldn’t agree more, but I don’t have a disposable cup with me…”

“You do now!” came the reply, and I was presented with a rather smart glass re-usable coffee cup, complete with A M Nomikos branding.

Here’s the thing. I do a lot of work with different clients, and much like for many of us, one day can blend into another. But this is a day I’ll remember, and a company that I’ll think fondly of whenever I use my shiny new cup. And not only are they actually doing something positive toward reducing the mountain of disposable cups, but they’re helping the rest of us to do our bit too.

So – thanks very much to A M Nomikos – your thoughtfulness was appreciated, and you’ve stood out from the crowd.

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