Free books, stationery and even an iPaq!

Here’s the deal. In that dead time between Christmas and New Year we spent a little time going through the office and seeing what was there that we no longer needed.

Rather than just bin it or let it sit there gathering dust we just thought we’d give it away to anybody who reads our blog or twitter feed or keeps in touch!

We don’t even want anything for the postage – just get in touch via the comments form at the end of this post or in whichever way you prefer and we’ll sort the rest out!

What do we get out of this? Primarily a warm fuzzy feeling inside. But also some free shelfspace.

And hopefully some traffic to our newly redesigned website and blog!! We’re working hard to add new content regularly – so do let us know what you’d like to see, and we’ll do our best to oblige. Questions about Excel? Something bugs you in Word? Let us know and we’ll answer you here.

We’re also working on a vast project to produce the world’s best ground-up, complete and whole-hearted video-guide to creating a database in Microsoft Access – that’ll be coming soon in 165 parts. Or maybe 166 – we’ve not finalised it yet.

Why not go whole-hog (vegetarians – this option is okay for you too – and subscribe via RSS email!

The top 5 Five things (okay – the only 5 things!) that we’re giving away!

Item number 1: Blank invoice sheets for Sage accounts


We do use Sage accounts, but we never use the Sage blue invoice paper preferring to have our own design. So, these came with the application and we’ve never used them! You want them – they’re yours!

Item number 2: “Professional 2003” by Wrox Publishing.


Okay, so VB.NET 2003 may not be the newest version, but we know there are people out there still using it. And if there are people out there using it there must be people out there who could use this book!

Is it you? Or someone you know? Or someone who is a programmer but rubbish at it?!

You don’t need to give us the reasons – just give us your address and we’ll send the book to you.

Item number 3: “Integrating Excel and Access” by Michael Schmalz.


A great book for anyone who uses Microsoft Excel for data analysis and Microsoft Access for their databases. I have read this book several times through which is why I no longer need it but I’d wholeheartedly recommend it for anyone using these two great applications.

In fact the only thing I’d recommend more than reading this book is booking some training with us!

Item number 4: “step-by-step Microsoft Office professional 2010” by Microsoft Press.



At several hundred pages long this is more than an introduction, but it’s also a great way of getting to grips with the various applications in Office 2010.

Written in an-easy-to-read style with lots of pictures for you to colour in this is a great book for anyone who wants to get their skills up a notch or two but doesn’t want to go on a training course. Yes, apparently such people do exist. Training is the best idea, obviously, but if you can’t do training then I guess this a good second choice…

Item number 5: an iPaq and charging cradle!


Whether you want it to manage your life, want to give it as a gift, or simply put it into a museum of computer artefacts from the dark ages this is the device for you.

It’s also worth having as it represents the last known time a device was named with a lowercase I at the start but wasn’t made by Apple.

Seriously though, it may not be the cutting edge any more but it does a good job. Calendar, basic word processor, contact management and so on as you’d expect.