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Back in the height of the summer (such as it was) we promised to keep you up-to-date with our latest feedback each month.

We’ve been a bit remiss since then – our list of happy customers has been growing, and we’ve been getting busier and busier – so this is the first chance we’ve had to update the score. So, without further ado…

Our average feedback score currently stands at 96.4%

This is in answer to the question “If asked by a friend of colleague, to what extent would you recommend our training to them?”

Our other questions, and the current ratings for each, are below:

you happy with the experience of booking this training?
How would you rate the organisation of the training day? 8.33
Did you feel that your needs from this training were properly
Did you feel that the training was relevant to your needs, and
met them fully?
Did you feel that the files used during the course helped to
explain the material?
Did you feel able to introduce your own questions and examples
in order to make the training relevant to your needs?
If used, did you feel that the manuals and any other materials
were relevant, clear and helpful?
Did the trainer project a professional, approachable and
courteous image at all times?
Was the trainer knowledgeable about their subject matter? 9.86
Did you feel able to ask questions, and did you feel that the
trainer took time to understand and answer them?
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About the Author:

Andrew Richards is the Managing Director of TheIT Service. His background in training goes back to 2000, and he was involved in IT networking and support beyond that. Now he spends his time living and breathing the GDPR (fun!) and building databases. When not doing these things, he can be found attempting to train his various sheep and chickens.

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