Microsoft SQL Server training

Whether you want to create a new SQL database or query an existing one, we've got the right content for you. And if you don't yet have your own SQL Server setup, we can create a SQL Azure server for each person on the course.

Querying a SQL Server - Introductory topics

Designed for those looking for a comprehensive introduction to querying in Microsoft’s SQL Server, these topics provide training to become confident with all the core elements of SQL server querying.

Starting with writing basic SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements , the topics below provide a succinct beginner’s overview of SQL for those new to the subject, or looking to ensure that their foundation-level knowledge is secure.

Key skills learned:

  •  Use SQL Server Management Studio for Querying Purposes.
  •  Understand the Basic Structure of SQL Server Databases.
  •  Retrieve Data from Tables Using the SELECT Statement.
  •  Filter Data Using the WHERE Clause.
  •  Sort Data Using the ORDER BY Clause.
  •  Query Data from Multiple Tables by Using Joins.
  •  Summarize and Group Data Using Aggregate Functions.
  •  Combine and Limit Result Sets
  •  Add Records to a Table Using the INSERT Statement.
  •  Remove Records from a Table Using the DELETE Statement.
  •  Modify Existing Records Using the UPDATE Statement.



How much?

Unlike most training companies, we don't operate to fixed schedules.

We always run our courses in our clients' offices, so your staff will not have to travel or stay away from home. 

We run courses on demand, tailoring each course to the needs of the client. So, if you want a quick recap on database design theory, but then want to move on to querying, without looking at how to build a database, that's fine. 

As to when - whenever you need it. Because the course is just for you, we'll work with you to find a date to suit you.

Costs vary, but typically start at £895 + VAT per day. Remember, this is the total cost - not the cost per person.

Want something more advanced?

For those who are happy with the basics, we offer a range of more advanced topics, covering such areas as creating user-defined functions, working with windowing functions, writing stored procedures and more.

Take a look at the topics below, and as always, if what you want isn't listed, just ask.

Key areas covered:

  • Understanding join types - Inner, Outer and Cartesian Product joins
  • Dealing with and using NULL values to your advantage
  • Using built-in SQL Functions
  • Converting Data Types
  •  Work with Simple Nested Subqueries
  •  Work with Correlated Subqueries
  • Using Common Table Expressions
  • Using window functions with OVER and PARTITION BY
  • Creating and using Views
  • Creating and using User-Defined Functions
  • Creating and using Stored Procedures

Needing to create a database from scratch?

The topics above are designed for those who already have a database and need to extract the data from it. 

But what if you're at the start of the process, and need to create a brand new database? The topics below are just for you... 

Key areas covered:

  • The concepts of relational database design
  • Planning a relational database
  • Refining your database design and normalizing your database tables
  •  Creating a database from scratch, through code or dialog boxes
  • Using the CREATE TABLE, ALTER TABLE and DROP TABLE commands
  • Understanding the SQL data types
  • Understanding indexes, primary keys and foreign keys
  • Understanding and creating relationships
  • Specifying cascading delete and update constraints
  • Adding constraints to your columns to make your data more robust
  • Using SQL Azure as an alternative to on-prem SQL Server
  • Backing up and restoring your SQL database

It will now take half the time!

"Probably one of the best training courses I have been on. Incredibly helpful. When it comes to monthly reporting it will now take me half of the time."

Jordan McMurray

(Exclusive Networks)


Very good atmosphere...

"Very good atmosphere, sensible pace set and enough exercise questions to consolidate. Ridiculous that I've been here so many years without knowing a lot of this stuff."

I. S.

(Imperial College London)


The trainer was amazing...

"This is the best training that I have ever had. The trainer was amazing -  I felt like all my queries were answered and he explained the training in a way that I can use in my work.

Thank you - it was well worth the long 18 hour day for this training."

Ian Martindale

(Gerald Eve)


We'd love to train you if we can!

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