Learn to build a database by building your database!

Many of our customers come to us to ask for an Access training course. We talk about the sort of topics that they would like to cover, and it becomes clear that in very many cases the customer actually needs to learn how to build a database.

Yes, the customer wants to know about how to use Microsoft Access, but more importantly, they want to know how to build a good database.

They have questions like

  • What do I need relationships for?
  • How do relationships and primary keys work?
  • How do I know how many tables I need, and which fields should go in which tables?

These are questions which are important – but not just to an Access database. They apply to all databases whether Access, SQL, Oracle or any other.

Not “How to build a database…”

That’s why we are delighted to launch a course dedicated to learning how to build a relational database.

There are lots of courses out there in how to build a database, so we thought long and hard before launching another one.

What makes this one different? Or more importantly, what makes ours better?!

…but “How to build your database”

So yes, in our course we will show you examples of database design.

But the course – every course – is geared towards teaching you how to build your database.

Your database will be different to any other. You will have different challenges. We will tackle them – and overcome them – together.

And in doing so you will not only learn the theory but see why the theory is important. You will learn all about Microsoft Access, but you’ll do so in a context. That’s the key to making the learning stick. That’s the key to a great course.

We’re really excited about this new course. We think that it could be a real breakthrough in showing you how to get what you need from your database – and understanding how to fix it when you don’t.

if you think that this course might be for you, then we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Either get in touch via this website, or just give us a call on (01483) 277172.