June 26


Latest feedback score

At The IT Service – in common with most training companies – we ask all delegates to fill in a feedback form following their training, so that we know how people find our service, and where we can improve it.

Transparency in our feedback

It’s our intention that this will be published on a regular basis, so that you can see just how we’re doing. Until now, we’ve not been doing so well – at publishing the results, that is! But thanks to an upgrade to our Feedback engine, all the data now goes into our database and can be analysed at the click of a button.

The big question…

There’s a system called the Net Promoter Score which tracks for any company how likely their customers are to be promoters, detractors or neutrals. Based on this system, we ask a similar question of all our delegates – “if asked by a friend of colleague, to what extent would you recommend our training to them?” We ask delegates to rate their likelihood of recommending us on a scale of 1 to 10.

Our current rating for this question is 95.46%

The other questions we ask, and their current average ratings are below:

you happy with the experience of booking this training?
How would you rate the organisation of the training day? 8.88
Did you feel that your needs from this training were properly
Did you feel that the training was relevant to your needs, and
met them fully?
Did you feel that the files used during the course helped to
explain the material?
Did you feel able to introduce your own questions and examples
in order to make the training relevant to your needs?
If used, did you feel that the manuals and any other materials
were relevant, clear and helpful?
Did the trainer project a professional, approachable and
courteous image at all times?
Was the trainer knowledgeable about their subject matter? 9.75
Did you feel able to ask questions, and did you feel that the
trainer took time to understand and answer them?

So there we go – definite room for improvement, especially where we have a score of under 9 out of 10. Some of our feedback is definitely feedback to be proud of, but lots to work on too.

Look out next month, and we’ll let you know how we’re doing!


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