Getting to know me


Before I start on the technical stuff I thought I would give you all a small insight into my life to date


In my youth, which as you can see from my photo, was some time ago, I was London Schoolboys junior canoe slalom champion, from which I progressed on to represent both England & Great Britain in Canoe Slalom and White Water Racing.


As I got a bit older I started to take an interest in flying and have flown both gliders and light aircraft, even dabbling with microlight (1 flight, too cold) and paragliding (1 very short tandem flight, crashing on take-off and dislocating my shoulder)


Over the last 10 or so years I have been Mountain Biking 2 or 3 times a week, with the odd trip to Germany visiting the Spessart Forest, which has some wonderfully long downhill sections and, unfortunately, equally as long uphill sections back to the hotel, one such being a gentle slope of some 23 kilometres


My current claim to fame rests on the shoulders of my daughter Claire, who plays rugby for both Wasps & England, having captained both sides on a number of occasions and being the proud possessor of a world cup runner up medal. Unfortunately, having suffered a shoulder injury (bit of a pattern developing I feel) during a game earlier in the year, which required an operation to fix, has had to spend all of this season as a spectator, but is hoping to get back in training in June.


Having been with The IT service for some 8 weeks now, I must say that I have been very impressed by the number of tools available, and used, to ensure that coding is carried out to an exacting standard.  This, I must admit, came as a bit of a shock at first, but you can really see the benefits of working to a strict coding pattern, especially when it comes to picking up and running with someone else’s work.


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About the Author:

Andrew Richards is the Managing Director of TheIT Service. His background in training goes back to 2000, and he was involved in IT networking and support beyond that. Now he spends his time living and breathing the GDPR (fun!) and building databases. When not doing these things, he can be found attempting to train his various sheep and chickens.

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