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The European Union General Data Protection Regulation

The EU GDPR comes into force on 25th May 2018, and will be probably the most powerful piece of data protection legislation in the world.

It applies to any organisation, anywhere in the world, which works with personal information of any EU citizen.

This is a regulation which you need to take seriously. Get it right, and you show your customers that are trustworthy and respect their rights. Get it wrong, and the fines can be significant – up to 4% of your global annual turnover, or €20million.

The IT Service is here to help.

GDPR training – which course is right for you?

At The IT Service, we’ve developed a number of GDPR courses to suit all requirements. So, whether it’s a 90-minute overview, or an in-depth four-day course, we have something for you.

Take a look through the options below, or just give us a call on 020 3397 1333 or contact us via this website to talk through which one’s right for you.

GDPR Awareness
A quick overview of the GDPR, designed to give all your staff a basic awareness of the regulation, and what it means to them. Up to four sessions per day, up to 40 people per session.
Find out more about GDPR Awareness
GDPR Overview
An in-house training course, run in the comfort of your own office, for up to a dozen people. We give you a good introduction to the key elements of the GDPR, with plenty of time for discussion and questions.
Find out more about the GDPR Overview
Certified GDPR Foundation
A more in-depth look at what the GDPR means for those working with data on a regular basis, leading to a GDPR Foundation certificate. Courses run in London, but can be run in your office if you have several staff to be trained.
Find out more about the GDPR Foundation
Certified GDPR Practitioner
The Foundation and Practitioner course runs in London, and is designed for those who will have responsibilty for an organisation’s management of data, and need to understand, at a practical level, how to comply with the GDPR.
You do not need to take the Foundation course prior to enrolling on the Practitioner course.
Find out more about the GDPR Foundation


Watch our 5-minute guide to the GDPR courses we offer!

Blog entries about the GDPR

Is GDPR certification worth anything?

In this article, I'd like to tackle the thorny issue of GDPR certification. Let's start by laying the bald facts on the table - there's no such thing as "official certification" for the GDPR. The Information Commissioner's Office haven't set out an official curriculum, paths to certification or accreditation programmes and nor have the European Commission. Nor, in my (long!) searches have I come across anything that I'd describe as [...]

Councils CAN use legitimate interests as lawful basis under GDPR.

Here's why - and what the ICO has to say on the matter As you'll know if you've been taking an interest in GDPR (or, of course the DPA before that), if you're going to process data, it has to be done lawfully. Come to think of it, that also applies if you've not much knowledge of the DPA / GDPR but want to run your business ethically and legally. Not [...]

Recent tweets about the GDPR

Keeping *everything* a secret is not a solution. We need political+legal approaches that allow us to participate in society, to be open about experiences & thoughts, while not being constantly profiled, judged or manipulated by powerful entities, whether corporate or governmental

In light of the announcement by the Information Commissioner re Cambridge Analytica, I've written about the Commissioner's powers of entry and inspection on the @UKInfoLaw Information Law Blog:

More #GDPRubbish from an IT/infosec solution vendor - claiming that monitoring a network for infosec breaches makes you “fully compliant” with GDPR is not just borderline fraudulent and dreadfully irresponsible, it’s also moronically stupid


Good article in the Guardian re FB and CamAn. Here's the key quote, I think.

Getting lots of questions, so I'm posting a thread with an outline of key points to focus on in stories re: privacy implications and questions of Facebook's Graph API. The Graph API is the underlying issue in Cambridge Analytica & FB data-sharing & voter micro-targeting debacle.

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