GDPR training that won't
put you to sleep

"We will teach you to comply"

Were duller words ever uttered? We understand that.
And we'll make your GDPR training interesting, as well as informative.

“The comment most people make is that they can’t believe you could make Data Protection so interesting! I do not believe there are many others out there who are doing this so well.” 

The Kennel Club

GDPR training that you will actually remember.

What do The British Museum, Casio, the University of the Creative Arts and the British Fluid Power Association have in common?

Well, not much probably. But they did all come to The IT Service for GDPR training. And were all kind enough to tell us how much they enjoyed it. Words like "interesting" and "engaging" and even "enjoyable" came up.

If you've done similar training before and found it a bit... well... sleep-inducing, then perhaps we should talk?

We offer either a 90-minute awareness session, or a more in-depth one-day overview - whatever's right for you.

GDPR Awareness Training

Who for: Everyone in your organisation. If you are to comply successfully with GDPR, anyone who works with personal data, be it in your CRM or their own Excel files of information, needs to know what’s expected of them. This is the briefing they should attend

Duration: 90 minutes per session, up to four sessions per day

How many people? If you have a conference room or other facility large enough, we can train up to 40 people at a time in these briefings

What’s the cost? £1250 per day

What do I get? Each attendee receives an electronic set of slides, a certificate of attendance and two printed flash cards detailing the principles of the GDPR and a reminder of the rights of the data subject. The organisation will receive a list of those employees who have attended the training, which is important given the emphasis the GDPR places on documentation.

What's included?

This briefing describes the principles of the GDPR and the rights of the data subject. At each stage, we ask the basic questions:

  • What do you need to know
  • What are your responsibilities
  • What do you need to do now

The topics covered in the session include:

  • What is the GDPR?
  • Why the Data Protection Act needs to be replaced
  • Essential definitions
  • What are the core principles of the GDPR?
  • What rights to data subjects have under the GDPR?
  • What should you do if you become aware of a data breach?

The session is interspersed with discussion points so that a large group are kept involved in what can be a dry subject, and are encouraged to think about the meaning of the legislation and how it applies to them.

GDPR Overview Training

Who for: Anyone who works with data, including data relating to clients, colleagues (such as HR data), memberships or marketing data.

Duration: 1 day

How many people can attend? We suggest that 12 people is a sensible maximum for this course.

What’s the cost? £1250 + VAT per day

What do I get? Each attendee receives an electronic set of slides, a certificate of attendance and a set of printed flash cards detailing key topics such as the principles of the GDPR, legal bases for processing data and a reminder of the rights of the data subject. The organisation also receives a spreadsheet detailing who has attended the session, which should be retained as part of your documentation of GDPR compliance.

Where are the courses? We run these courses in our clients’ offices. So, as long as you have the facilities (such as a boardroom, conference room or training room), we can come to you. If you would rather we hire a training room nearby, just let us know.

Is there an exam? No. This course does not lead to an examination, unlike the two-day Foundation, or the four-day Foundation and Practitioner course.

What's included?

This one-day course takes delegates through the essentials of the GDPR, and including:

  • Overview and background, scope of the General Data Protection Regulation
  • Section 1: The core of the GDPR
    • Key terms within the GDPR
    • The core principles of the GDPR
    • Lawful basis
    • Consent under GDPR
    • Demonstrating compliance with GDPR principles
    • Processing special category data
  • Section 2: Record-keeping under GDPR
    • Records of processing activities
    • Mapping data flows
    • DPIAs
    • Contracts with Processors
    • Records of breaches
  • Section 3: Breach reporting
  • Section 4: Data Subjects
    • The rights of data subjects
    • Subject Access requests
  • Section 5: Remedies, liabilities and penalties

We'd love to help you if we can!

Let us know how we can help - whether you want training for half a dozen new starters or a refresher for everyone, we can help.

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