Video tutorials – the background to the GDPR

In response to demand from customers, we’ve put together a series of videos about the core principles of the GDPR.

It’s been quite a challenge, as the vast majority of the training work we do – particularly with GDPR training – is face-to-face, and we really believe that face-to-face training is the best way of explaining sometimes complex (and, dare we say it, occasionally dry) topics such as this.

Why is that? Well, nothing can replace eye contact. Seeing the people who are listening to you, and looking into their eyes to gauge understanding (or noticing that the eyes are closed and that a coffee-break is overdue) are part of the skills of any trainer – and these are things that are lost on a video or web-based course.

Knowing when people are gripped, and when they’re struggling and an explanatory anecdote would be useful, this too is hard to pick up when the content was recorded in a time and place far from when it’s being consumed.

Nonetheless, we can’t, sadly, run courses for the world, and there’s a need for simple, clear explanations which can be viewed and revisited on demand – and that’s what we’ve tried to do here.

If you find these videos helpful, please don’t keep them to yourself – share them with friends and colleagues. And if you think we’ve really not got it right – please do let us know. You can contact us at any time via this website, and we’re always happy to talk to people about what we do – and how we could do it better.

In the first of our videos, we consider the origin of the GDPR, and why it’s needed.