Welcome to our new site!

New site, better online service…

Well, it took months of planning and work, but the new website is finally here! Lots of new content, a complete redesign and some significant “behind-the-scenes” changes too.

The main reason for our re-design, other than to keep things looking fresh, was to ensure that the site performs as well as possible on mobile devices. Making the site “responsive” (as the jargon has it) was not a straightforward task, so we bit the bullet and went for an all-out re-design.

Please do let us know what you think of it – what’s good? What doesn’t work? What do you like, and what not?

And here’s where the free money comes in…

Free money!

A £50 Amazon Voucher is yours if you’re the first person to spot our typo!

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve spent hour upon hour combing every word of this site to weed them out. There isn’t a deliberately-buried obscure mistake in some dim and dusty page.

But you know how it is. It’s as likely as not that the inevitable spelling mistake or typo is in inch-high letters on the home page. But I know that you’ll find it better than I will!

I would say ‘A £50 Amazon voucher to anyone who spots a mistake’, but I’d risk going broke! So, I’ll have to restrict it to the first of you…

Good luck (I suppose!) and use the “Get in touch” form at the top of any page to let us know what you find!