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From the initial meeting to  "Go-Live" - find out about the 7 stages of a pain-free database development process. 

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Over the years, we’ve built databases for organisations from Natural England to the Royal Marsden Hospital, from media companies to accountants, from Marks and Spencer to local council street cleaning teams.

No matter how big or small the database, our approach and our ethic remains the same.

It’s all about you.

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What's involved in building a database?

The database design journey

Say you decided that we're worth talking to about building a database. What happens next? How long does it all take? Who would be involved? Answer these - and many other questions - with our guide to the database design process.

Take a look at examples of database designs we've created.

Can we see some examples of your databases?

Glad you asked! Of course you can. 

On this page, we'll take you in detail through three of our briefs, outlining the challenges of each project, and how we worked to fulfil the requirements. There's a project for one of the world's top universities, one for a major London estate agent, and a third one for an independent forensic laboratory.

Each project outline comes complete with plenty of screenshots too, so that you get a good idea of the final design.

The cost of a database can be hard to know ahead of time. Here's why.

What does a database cost?

Ah - the 64 million dollar question. And no, that's not the amount you should budget for... 

In this article, we'll talk about the sort of factors that affect the cost of a database. Is it number of records? Number of users? Amount of security required? And we answer that age-old question - can we know the final figure before we sign on the dotted line...

Building trust as well as a database

We know that IT projects have a reputation for being painful. From geeks who live in basements and speak "computer" but not English, to projects run way over budget and way behind schedule – we all know the stereotypes. And like many clichés, there can be an element of truth.

That’s why we’re all about communication. We can’t design and build a database that will really work for you unless we know how you already work, so that’s where we start.

We begin by getting to know you, your company, your work and your processes. We'll talk to you in detail about the database design process, and how it applies to what you need. As we suggest decisions about the database, we'll explain why we've come to those decisions, and how they'll affect your new system.

Not only does this mean you get a database that will really work for you, but it also means that by the time you get to give the green light to the project, and we actually start building your database, you already know us. You know what we’re like, and you’ll have a good idea of whether we’ll be a good fit for you and your team.

What makes our database design service any different to anyone else's?

Yes, of course communication is key for us - in plain English, not tech jargon.

Yes, of course we have the technical know-how to make the project work - just as you'd expect of any company.

But what really makes us different is our blend of training and development. Both are core strands of our business. How does this help? Well, it means that we're happy to build a database from scratch for you. But we're equally happy to teach your staff how to build a database, then step back and provide advice as and when you need it. Or, start off working with you on the design to make sure the foundations are solid, then let you take over, perhaps providing a mentoring service.

This isn't just a theory - this is how we work, year in, year out, with our clients. We find it really works - and more importantly, our clients tell us they find this blend suits them too. 

See what our clients think about working with us

"We contracted The IT Service to develop and build two separate databases for us here in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London. The first database handles our unique exams system, and we were so happy with the result, and the service we received, that we asked The IT Service to build a second database relating to departmental resources.

The Exams database was built by The IT Service, who then provided bespoke training for the members of staff required to use it. For the resources database, which requires more continuous maintenance, Andrew worked with one of our members of staff while building the database, and provided continuous support and development. This was a large project and Andrew's experience, expertise and support was invaluable. 

Throughout our engagement with The IT Service I have always been impressed by the quality of work and service they provide. 

They are always available, explain technical issues easily for non-experts to understand and worked hard to ensure we received the specifications we required.

The IT Service is extremely efficient when troubleshooting issues that occasionally occur due to staff making mistakes, and they are also very responsive with quick turn-around times in their communication. We continue to rely on their services for the further development and upgrade of the database which has served us extremely well.

I would have no hesitation in re-engaging with them."

Zoe Townsend / Andreas Kogelbauer

Department of Chemical Engineering

Imperial College London

"Waverley Borough Council has used the IT Service in many roles since 2010. These roles include Microsoft Training, Microsoft Access development and Microsoft SQL Server development. The service provided has always been responsive to our requirements and the delivered solutions work well with little need for post implementation support. Feedback from users is very positive for the developed solutions and Andrew works well with our IT team. I would recommend The IT Service for work in this technology"

Linda Frame

IT Development Manager

Waverley Borough Council

Waverley Borough Council

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