Cyber security awareness training

If not everyone learns in the same way, why would you only offer one style of cyber security training?

Face-to-face, in-depth workshops. Quick refresher seminars. Online videos and quizzes.

With a blend of learning methods, our cyber security awareness training is completely customisable and guaranteed to engage your staff, bringing you real world results.

Choose exactly what you need

The IT Service offers a range of cyber security awareness training options, either as part of our complete cyber security awareness programmes or available independently to enhance your existing information security plan.

All our face-to-face sessions can be tailored to your exact needs, and we have a library of hundreds of live action videos, animated training modules, quizzes, posters and other resources to help reinforce the training throughout the year.

Our Gold, Silver and Bronze cyber security awareness programmes include some or all of these resources for all staff within the all-inclusive price, creating an unbeatable value training programme of real quality to ensure your staff are well placed to protect your organisation from the security threats it faces.

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90-minute cyber security workshops

We don’t simply tell you about the “Top 10 email scams”. There’s no point – people don’t remember lists, and even if they did, it’ll be a different list by next month.

What’s covered?

  • A unique workshop giving you an insight into how hackers operate. Try to create a phishing email that would get past the rest of the group. See the challenges that hackers face, so that you can spot what they’re doing, and in doing that learn to protect yourself and the organisation.
  • Voice-phishing: We’ll plunge you into a real, live, social engineering phone call, as it happens. Can you spot the red flags? Can you spot the mistakes before the staff member makes them? Again, the emphasis on learning by doing.
  • Face-to-face security. How do social engineers penetrate an organisation? We’ll do more than teach your colleagues to “Challenge people who aren’t wearing ID” – we’ll use a real example of how physical security was breached using social engineering as a hands-on learning opportunity.
  • Password security – understanding how maintaining high quality password hygiene is possible in the real world
  • Social media – how social media is used by hackers, and what to do about it, including getting live notifications if your email details appear in a data breach
  • Internet-of-things: How the rise in IOT devices from smart speakers to IP-enabled home heating systems leaves you open to risk – and what to do about it.

From this engaging, hands-on workshop, you’ll truly understand. And you’ll see cyber security in a new light.

How many people? We can accommodate up to 30 people on each workshop

How many sessions? We can run up to 4 workshops in a day

What’s the cost? We charge £995 + VAT per day for these workshops

Information security refresher seminars

These fast-paced 45-minute sessions are the perfect mid-year refresher for your staff. Whilst the essential principles of Information Security remain the same, the content and examples are entirely different, so that staff will be fully engaged even if they’ve previously attended the full workshop

What’s covered?

  • Understanding the risk of phishing, including spear-phishing, whaling and Business Email Compromise attacks
  • The impact of a cyber attack: A detailed look at the world’s most devastating cyber attack – NotPetya
  • Why you are at risk: Who is at risk of phishing, what you have that the hackers might want, and the profile of a typical victim
  • Understanding the importance of Information Security training
  • Warning signs of phishing emails
  • Reducing your own risk – and that of your organisation, through appropriate use of password managers, multi-factor authentication and awareness of the risks of social media

How many people? We can accommodate up to 40 people on each seminar

How many sessions? We can run up to 6 seminars in a day

What’s the cost? We charge £995 + VAT per day for these workshops

Online training and other resources

We have dozens of videos, quizzes and other resources, available as part of any of our cyber security awareness services. These provide a great way of embedding security awareness between your face-to-face sessions, and whether you go for Gold, Silver or Bronze, you’ll have access to:

Live action videos

Topics include:

  • Phishing
  • Removable media security
  • Safe web browsing
  • Mobile security
  • Social Engineering

Online learning modules and resources

Our online learning modules include quizzes and assessments, and we provide live reporting so that you know who’s actually completing their training plan.

Learning modules include:

  • Avoiding cyber-security risks for executives
  • Business Email Compromise attacks
  • Cloud services – benefits and risks
  • Malware
  • Creating a cyber-secure home
  • GDPR
  • Phishing

The GDPR awareness course was excellent. This is a difficult subject to hold an audience’s interest, and the trainer was excellent.

JH, Guildford Borough Council

I thought that the training was excellent in all respects.

Chris Buxton, British Fluid Power Association

Much better than the online GDPR training we have just had to complete!

PO, University of the Creative Arts

Very impressive trainer. Managed to keep everyone engaged throughout the day.

Peter O'Connell, Guildford Borough Council

Great presenter, made a potentially dull subject interesting

PS, The Kennel Club