When it comes to Cyber Security services, one size never fits all.

Complete Cyber Security training and phish testing tailored to you. From just £1.25 per person per month.

Not just “out-of-the-box” templates, but phishing campaigns crafted to your organisation, department by department.

Cyber Security training through a blend of just-in-time educational videos and quizzes and unbeatable quality face-to-face workshops.

Whether you have 25 staff or 2500, we offer three plans to provide just what you need. And each plan can be tailored to add any other elements you need to fill in the gaps.

Over 90% of breaches start with a successful phishing email.

Phishing is how Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign was hacked.

It’s how the US disabled large parts of a terrorist network’s media operation in 2016 and a single phishing email is how an Austrian aerospace company lost over £47m in the same year.

It can happen to anyone, however smart, successful or well resourced.

That’s why it’s critical to have a robust programme in place to help your staff to avoid being your company’s weak link. They need to understand what the attackers are trying to achieve, why and how – and how they should respond. And they need to be regularly tested on that knowledge to sharpen their skills.

To achieve this, your Cyber Security awareness programme needs to include three critical elements:

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    1. An engaging, challenging and relevant training programme

    We believe that nothing beats face-to-face interaction with a real expert. A time and place where users can ask questions and get intelligent answers. Where people can share ideas and experiences with colleagues. It takes time, but gets real results.

    Our workshop-based training sessions last either 30 or 90 minutes depending on the plan you choose, and really help your staff to understand what hackers are doing. Staff are taught to answer such questions as:

    • What do I have that a hacker might want?
    • What tools does a hacker use to get me to take some action?
    • What are the challenges that hackers face – and how can I spot where they’ve made mistakes?

    But the ideal training programme should combine this with just-in-time online learning. After all, that trainer won’t be sat next to you when that dodgy email arrives. That’s where quick 2-minute video explainers and reminders can really shine, reinforcing the points learned in the group sessions just at the point when you might have been about to do something you’d later regret.

    We’ve partnered with a world recognised leader in developing such materials and will make them available to your staff just when they’re needed – whichever plan you select.

    2. A phish-testing campaign that’s more than a set of standard templates

    Being told about phishing emails in the classroom is one thing – it can be something else entirely to spot them in the wild. That’s why anyone – however great their expertise – needs to constantly hone their skills and be on the lookout.

    A good quality phishing campaign should be one that’s more than just the usual templates. They need to be tailored to reflect what’s actually out there, being used by scammers, right now. So, in the lead-up to Christmas, Mother’s Day and the like, we tailor campaigns to include “You’ve missed a delivery” emails. When exam results are due, perhaps campaigns purporting to be from Universities or Colleges.

    In our Silver and Gold plans, we’ll go further – creating tailored spear-phishing campaigns designed to target your specific organisation. We’ll work with you to understand the sort of communications your staff are likely to see on a regular basis, and we’ll craft emails that look similar to these in order to really test how well your people are able to withstand those spear-phishing attacks which are becoming more and more common.

    3. Detailed reporting – and constant updating of the programme

    Not only will we will give you regular updates about the phishing campaign and its results, but you will have a live dashboard that you can log into at any time to see exactly what’s happening. We can break results down by department or other grouping – whatever suits your needs. We can see which type of phishing emails seem to be getting past people’s defences, and which your staff are successfully recognising as malicious.

    But reporting should drive change. As part of a process improvement cycle, we’ll use the results to adjust the programme and the messages and training that we give to your staff.

    1. Plan – we work with you to craft a campaign to discover how well prepared your staff currently are to handle malicious emails.
    2. Do – we execute the campaign, sending a set of tailored emails to staff over a period of several days or weeks.
    3. Check – We analyse the results. Did staff fall for that “Special offer from Starbucks” email? Or the one purporting to come from an industry body? Did the Communications team do better or worse than HR? How about Finance?
    4. Act – Based on the results of the campaign, we’ll tweak it and adjust it for the following month’s tests. Little by little you will see the results as your staff become more aware of the kind of emails that malicious actors may send.
    Phish testing report graphics

    The plans

    Gold, Silver or Bronze – pick what’s right for you.

    We recognise that not everyone needs the same thing. So, whether you just want a partner to manage your phish testing campaign, or you’re after a full cyber-security education programme for your staff, we’ve got you covered.

    Take a look at the three plans below, and see which one fits your needs. And if you want to mix and match elements too – that’s fine. Give us a call and we’ll tailor the right package for you.

    Bronze Silver Gold
    Monthly phishing emails campaigns Yes Yes Yes
    UK and US emails to reflect real-world activity Yes Yes Yes
    Spear-phishing campaigns tailored to your organisation,
    sector or specific departments
    1 per year 4 per year
    Annual hands-on 90-minute in-depth security awareness
    workshops, including voice-phishing, impersonation,
    Internet-of-Things security, password security and more

    1 per person
    per year
    45-minute email and web security refresher sessions

    1 per person
    per year
    1 per person
    per year
    Personalised report of all education campaign results Quarterly Quarterly Monthly
    Fully managed service Yes Yes Yes
    Full access to your own reporting dashboard Yes Yes Yes
    Access to dozens of educational posters and infographics
    for use in your own communication programmes
    Yes Yes Yes
    Post-phish education videos after successful phishes Yes Yes Yes
    Phishing email reporting button for Outlook and Chrome,
    allowing live analysis of genuine phishing attacks
    on your organisation
    Yes Yes
    Password security online training course Yes Yes
    Safe web browsing online training course Yes Yes
    Remote working security online training course Yes
    Use of removable media online training course Yes Yes
    Mobile security online training course Yes


    We offer highly competitive pricing for organisations of all sizes. See the table below for our standard pricing, or give us a call on 020 3397 1333 to discuss this further, as we are sometimes able to offer significant discounts to local government, charities and other organisations.

    Note: All prices quoted are per person per month, paid annually and exclude VAT.

    Number of seats purchased Bronze Silver Gold
    25 – 49 £15.75 £18.75 £21.75
    50 – 99 £10.75 £12.25 £13.75
    100 – 249 £5.75 £6.50 £8.00
    250 – 499 £4.75 £5.25 £6.20
    500 – 999 £3.75 £4.25 £4.95
    1000 – 4999 £2.60 £3.00 £3.75
    5000 + £1.25 £1.75 £2.40

    Why The IT Service?

    1. Unparalleled service. We don’t just give you a phish-testing tool and let you get on with it. We’re here, in the UK, and ready to work with you. Every campaign, whether on the Gold, Silver or Bronze plan is managed by us, working with you. We bring our expertise to play, running the phishing campaigns for you, creating the reports and highlighting areas of interest or concern. Your own staff don’t need to find time to run the tests each month – we do that for you.
    2. Unbeatable value. Have you seen a cheaper service online? So have we. But did it include real people to run the service for you, or was it just a tool that you use for yourself? Did it include both online training and unbeatable quality face-to-face training sessions? Perhaps not. If you have found a better value solution, just talk to us, and we’ll see what we can do to help.
    3. Complete flexibility. Just need some training sessions, and already have your own phish testing organised? That’s fine – we’re happy to do that for you. Want spear-phishing testing included, but not the face-to-face training that’s in the Gold plan? No problem – we’ll sort that out for you – just ask.

    Feedback for our security awareness training

    "We use the IT service for many in-house training needs. Like all their training, the Cyber Security course was delivered in a very professional and engaging manner.

    Where the Cyber Security offerings that we have seen in the past have focussed solely on the IT elements. The IT service course expands into different areas – such as in-person attacks and voice phishing – to give the audience a comprehensive understanding of the topic and potential threats. The audience was asked to think like the hackers and get into their mindset, which gave us a thorough insight into things to be aware of.

    Our staff all came away with not only a greater knowledge of Cyber Security but also useful, practical strategies that they could employ in both their professional and personal lives."

    ICT Manager, Spelthorne Borough Council