Cyber security training with a difference

Your staff are your first line of defence. Our Cyber Security awareness training is immersive, hands-on and unforgettable.

"Cyber Security offerings in the past have focused only on the IT, but this course expanded into different areas – such as in-person attacks and voice phishing – to give the audience a comprehensive understanding of the topic and potential threats. The audience was asked to think like the hackers and get into their mindset. Our staff all came away with not only a greater knowledge of Cyber Security but also useful, practical strategies that they could employ in both their professional and personal lives."

Alistair Corkish, ICT Manager

"Only about 3% of malware tries to exploit a technical flaw. The other 97% is trying to trick a user through social engineering" --Symantec Security Response

Why is our training different?

Our courses don’t simply tell you about the “Top 10 email scams”. There’s no point – people don’t remember lists, and even if they did, it’ll be a different list by next month.

We don’t just tell you the “simple tricks” to foil the attackers. Let’s face it – we’ve all been told to do these things before, and yet the attackers still get past the defences of millions of us every month.

Learn by doing. Learn by being a hacker for the morning.

Our training is hands-on. You’ll try to create a phishing email that would get past the rest of us in the group. You’ll see the challenges in doing that, and figure out how to overcome them.

Then we’ll plunge you into a real, live, social engineering phone call, as it happens. Can you spot the red flags? Can you spot the mistakes before the staff member makes them?

You’ll get to make a plan to overcome the best security in the business. Faced with cameras, guards and barriers, how would you use your wits to get into a building? Then we’ll compare your plan to the one the professionals came up with.

Why is it relevant to you, at work, to understand this? Throughout the course, the focus is on learning the mindset of the hackers. We’ll guide you to understand what they want, what their techniques are, and how to counteract them. Even in the case of getting unauthorised access to a building, it still came down to a plain old email scam.

From our workshop, you’ll truly understand. And you’ll see cyber security in a new light.

What do we cover in these sessions?

  • The who, why and how of hackers
    • What motivates hackers to do what they do?
    • What do you or your organisation have that might be of interest to a hacker?
    • What are the tools used by hackers?
  • Understanding Social Engineering
    • The emotions that social engineers play on - fear, ego, time pressure, curiosity and more
    • What are social engineers trying to get you to do?
    • Analysis of a real-life social engineering attack, as it happens
  • Phishing and Smishing
    • Phishing, Whaling, Spear-Phishing, Business Email Compromise attacks and more
    • What are the common features of a phishing attack?
    • Spotting the signs
  • Social media and other risks
    • What's wrong with social media anyway? The perils of over-sharing
    • The Internet of Things
    • Using password managers and multi-factor authentication

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