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In response to demand from our customers, we have now created a set of courses available online...

The courses on this page distill content from a number of the courses that are usually only available in the face-to-face classroom environment. They combine elements from our Excel, Access, SQL and database design training courses to create an unparalleled resource.

Each course has a series of hands-on exercises for you complete, based on real-world problems that we've helped our clients to solve. Each also has cheat-sheets, exercise files, sample templates and other resources for you to download and use in your work.

Note: Enrollment on our courses is only open at certain times, as we strictly control enrolled numbers to ensure that we can give the best possible support to those who participate. 

Premium course


Everything you need to take your Excel skills to the next level!

If you're new to Excel, this is the place to be. It's your chance to gain in confidence and really get to grips with the foundations to make the most of Excel. Learn how to create calculations and formulas, and use time-saving shortcuts to work like a pro!

105 Lessons - Not started

Premium course


In this course, we'll give you the skills you need to get more from your data - entering it, validating it and reporting it. We'll connect to external data in other spreadsheets and in SQL Server and Microsoft Access and we'll look at advanced techniques in creating great dashboards.

104 Lessons - Not started

Premium course


Step your data up to the next level, by moving it from a spreadsheet to a database!
Gain the power, security and power of a full database engine.
Learn how to plan the migration, design the database, cleanse the data and then make the move to SQL Azure.
Together, we'll build a police and crime database that would serve any CSI team well!

107 Lessons - Not started