Rocking all over the world

One of the things I really enjoy about what I do is going out and meeting new clients, and seeing what they do.

Just last week, I had a first meeting with a company called Rock-it cargo whose specialism is in the logistics behind moving rock bands around the world.

So, if you've ever been to an Iron Maiden or Eric Clapton, or seen a show such as Mamma Mia, these are the people who help to make it all happen. And now, they are going to learn all about Microsoft Excel...

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Crystal Reports training now available!

Extend your data analysis skills with our new Crystal Reports training courses

The IT Service is delighted to announce the launch of new Crystal Reports training courses! Crystal Reports is the leading Business Intelligence tool for querying and reporting on databases, and now you can get more from it by booking your training with our Crystal Reports guru, Jason.

Jason is a true leader in the field of Crystal Reports and the author of "Crystal Reports Formulas Explained" so you're in good hands when you come to us for your Crystal Reports training needs.

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Announcing Microsoft Office power seminars

Half-day training sessions focussed on your needs.

We are delighted to announce a series of Power Seminars, each targeted at improving a specific set of skills. These are half-day sessions, tightly focussed around a specific area of a software package.

We run these in-house at your location, and they're designed so that you can run two in a day, so there's something for everyone.

Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint - the choice is yours.

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Excel subtotals tutorial

Learn how to summarise your data with Excel's Subtotal tool Excel offers lots of tools for analysing your data, from the simple formula to the mighty PivotTable. Somewhere between the two sits the "Subtotals" tool. This nifty option allows you to group your data into sections, then get totals for each section. Excel automatically writes [...]

Access VBA training from the customer’s viewpoint

Microsoft Access VBA training that makes a long-term difference Back in the summer, we ran a 4-day Access VBA training course for Runnymede Borough Council. The feedback following the course was very positive - it usually is, when measured immediately following the training. But the real test is whether, some months down the line, the [...]

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