Free money!

Welcome to our new site! New site, better online service... Well, it took months of planning and work, but the new website is finally here! Lots of new content, a complete redesign and some significant "behind-the-scenes" changes too. The main reason for our re-design, other than to keep things looking fresh, was to ensure that [...]

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Our latest feedback

Back in the height of the summer (such as it was) we promised to keep you up-to-date with our latest feedback each month. We've been a bit remiss since then - our list of happy customers has been growing, and we've been getting busier and busier - so this is the first chance we've had [...]

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Access VBA training from the customer’s viewpoint

Microsoft Access VBA training that makes a long-term difference Back in the summer, we ran a 4-day Access VBA training course for Runnymede Borough Council. The feedback following the course was very positive - it usually is, when measured immediately following the training. But the real test is whether, some months down the line, the [...]

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