Advanced Excel conditional formatting video tutorial (part 2)

Creating dynamic forms with Conditional Formatting
In this video tutorial we take a look at using conditional formatting to make Excel forms dynamically respond to user entries.
For example, display "Additional info" fields when users select a particular value, or display multiple sections based on user input elsewhere.

Advanced Excel conditional formatting video tutorial

Get more from Excel's Conditional Formatting tools

Excel's conditional formatting tool really got beefed up with the new options introduced in Excel 2007. But in this video, we show you how to do more with conditional formatting - whether you're using Excel 2010 or Excel 97!
Learn how to... - Highlight a whole row of data based on a condition in one cell
- Change a value with a scroll-bar control
- Make conditional formatting more dynamic

Excel subtotals tutorial

Learn how to summarise your data with Excel's Subtotal tool Excel offers lots of tools for analysing your data, from the simple formula to the mighty PivotTable. Somewhere between the two sits the "Subtotals" tool. This nifty option allows you to group your data into sections, then get totals for each section. Excel automatically writes [...]