Tokenization vs. Encryption vs. Aliasing – How to Truly Minimize Compliance Risk

Note: This is a guest post, created by our friends at Very Good Security. Views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of The IT Service. In the context of data security, modern digital businesses realize the dangers that come with using sensitive information in its raw form. Figuring out a way to collect [...]

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Halfords and my Alfa – the conclusion

As good as they seemed...? So I described in an earlier post the search for a digital radio and phone-connecting solution for my new Alfa. You may remember that, despite warnings from virtually everyone, it was seeming as though Halfords - the car accessories and servicing chain, disliked and mistrusted by everyone who expressed an [...]

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HTC, Apple, Microsoft, RIM – I hate you (sometimes)

Most people love technology.

We love buying it, using it, finding all the cool features. Some love showing it off to their friends. And I'm no different.

But sometimes, the tech companies seem to take leave of their senses and do something so stupid, so mind-bogglingly irritating that you just want to throw the kit out the window...

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