September 9


Can you beat this?

Beat this as an example of great service!

Remember the days of ordering something and then having to wait in all day for it to be delivered?

Well, not any more, it seems…

I quite regularly have to order cat food online. To be honest, it’s about the last thing I thought would ever merit a blog post. But the delivery experience has been changing over the years, to the point where I really do think it’s quite impressive.

It used to be that the delivery company – DPD – would tell you on which day the parcel would arrive. Not much unusual there.

Then DPD starting telling us what time the delivery would be – to within an hour! Impressive stuff!

We then found DPD taking it one step further and offering us the choice of texting 1, 2 or 3 in order to reschedule the delivery to a future date of our choosing.

This was great – we knew when the delivery would be coming, and could reschedule the delivery with a simple text message. To be honest, I would have struggled to improve the service.


But just take a look at the screenshot to the right. It’s from my mobile phone from the most recent delivery by DPD.

There’s still an option to have the delivery on an alternative day. We’ve gained an option to deliver to a neighbour. And not just “a” neighbour – we were given the option to select which neighbour (so no danger of it going to Ginger-the-cat-food-thief in number 23) or indeed to say “Any neighbour”.

Note that we now know exactly who will be delivering the parcel. We know which number delivery we’re going to be (and no, I wasn’t at all offended to discover that there were 24 people ahead of us in the queue!).

But then we’re even given a live map showing exactly where our moggy food is, and can track it on its way to us!

Now, maybe I’m easily impressed, but I have to admit that I was seriously impressed with this. And I really can’t see how they can improve on this!

But let me know – have you seen better? In this field or any other – what service has impressed you lately?

Leave a comment below and share your experiences!

The delivery screen for DPD


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