GDPR Training videos – consent

GDPR Videos - the first principle, lawful basis and consent In this video, we consider the first principle of the GDPR - that data must be processed lawfully, fairly and transparently. The word "lawful" is key here - you have to have a "lawful basis" for processing. You won't do much searching on the [...]

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GDPR training video – the Principles

GDPR video - the principles of the GDPR There are six core principles within the GDPR, and you have to not only comply, but be able to demonstrate that you're complying (which is why GDPR is heavy on the documentation requirements). In this video - the third in the series - we introduce the [...]

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GDPR training videos – definitions within the GDPR

GDPR video 2: Definitions within the GDPR In this second GDPR training video, we consider a couple of the core definitions within the GDPR: Data subjects Personal data Data subjects are defined in the GDPR as "Natural living people" - so that's you and me. And "Personal Data" is essentially any data relating to [...]

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GDPR training videos

Video tutorials - the background to the GDPR In response to demand from customers, we've put together a series of videos about the core principles of the GDPR. It's been quite a challenge, as the vast majority of the training work we do - particularly with GDPR training - is face-to-face, and we really [...]

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Is GDPR certification worth anything?

In this article, I'd like to tackle the thorny issue of GDPR certification. Let's start by laying the bald facts on the table - there's no such thing as "official certification" for the GDPR. The Information Commissioner's Office haven't set out an official curriculum, paths to certification or accreditation programmes and nor have the [...]

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What’s in the GDPR?

Ever wondered what the GDPR is all about? Really, what are all those words saying? Those half-million words? Well, we wondered too. So, with the help of a bit of web-jiggery-pokery that the clever people at Tag Crowd have made available to all, we found out. Turns out that the GDPR really is about data, [...]

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