About Andrew Richards

Andrew Richards is the Managing Director of TheIT Service. His background in training goes back to 2000, and he was involved in IT networking and support beyond that. Now he spends his time living and breathing the GDPR (fun!) and building databases. When not doing these things, he can be found attempting to train his various sheep and chickens.

Microsoft Access basics: How to create Linked tables

This is part two of a three-part series of tutorials on Linked Tables in Microsoft Access. If you've missed out on part one, then you may want to take a look: Why create linked tables in Microsoft Access. In this second part of the tutorial, we're taking a look at the practical nuts and bolts, [...]

Microsoft Access basics: Why create Linked tables?

Linked tables in Microsoft Access Linked tables are strange. Anyone who spends any time developing databases in Microsoft Access will always split their database into a front end and a back end. The front end will contain linked tables which are so called because they are linked to the back end. All this is straightforward. [...]

Microsoft Access basics – tables, forms, queries and reports

This is the first in a series of posts we'll be creating over the coming months about the fundamentals of Microsoft Access. This series has been devised to answer the questions that everyone has when they start using Microsoft Access for creating databases, or when they first begin to use existing Microsoft Access databases. The [...]

Halfords and my Alfa – the conclusion

As good as they seemed...? So I described in an earlier post the search for a digital radio and phone-connecting solution for my new Alfa. You may remember that, despite warnings from virtually everyone, it was seeming as though Halfords - the car accessories and servicing chain, disliked and mistrusted by everyone who expressed an [...]

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Free money!

Welcome to our new site! New site, better online service... Well, it took months of planning and work, but the new website is finally here! Lots of new content, a complete redesign and some significant "behind-the-scenes" changes too. The main reason for our re-design, other than to keep things looking fresh, was to ensure that [...]

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