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The European Union General Data Protection Regulation

The EU GDPR comes into force on 25th May 2018, and will be probably the most powerful piece of data protection legislation in the world.

It applies to any organisation, anywhere in the world, which works with personal information of any EU citizen.

This is a regulation which you need to take seriously. Get it right, and you show your customers that are trustworthy and respect their rights. Get it wrong, and the fines can be significant – up to 4% of your global annual turnover, or €20million.

The IT Service is here to help.

GDPR training – which course is right for you?

At The IT Service, we’ve developed a number of GDPR courses to suit all requirements. So, whether it’s a 90-minute overview, or an in-depth four-day course, we have something for you.

Take a look through the options below, or just give us a call on 020 3397 1333 or contact us via this website to talk through which one’s right for you.

If your organisation is to be GDPR compliant, it’s essential that all your staff have an awareness of the regulation and what it means to them.

These seminars are designed to get a large number of people trained in a short space of time:

  • 90 minutes per seminar
  • Up to 30 people in each seminar
  • Up to 4 seminars per day

We take a lively, practical approach to training what can be, let’s face it, a fairly dry subject. Quick quizzes throughout ensure that everyone stays engaged and takes away a real understanding of the key points:

  • What are the key principles of the GDPR
  • What are the key rights of data subjects
  • What should I do if I become aware of a breach
  • What do I need to know?
  • What do I need to do?

Each attendee gets a certificate of attendance and a set of course slides. The organisation gets a list of all attendees to use as part of their GDPR compliance documentation.

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The one-day GDPR Overview course was designed in response to requests from our clients who required more than a 90-minute session, but not a full two-day foundation course. In particular, this course is perfect if you:

  • Want a course run in your own office, rather than a training centre
  • Have up to twelve people requiring training
  • Need to get a good overview of what’s in the GDPR, but don’t necessarily require certification
  • Aren’t able to take the two or four days out of the office required by the GDPR Foundation or Foundation and Overview courses

In this course, we take a good look at the core of the GDPR, in particular focussing on:

  • The six GDPR principles
  • Lawful processing, including the issues around consent as a legal basis
  • Record-keeping requirements to prove compliance with GDPR

If this sounds like the sort of thing you need, you can get more information below, or by calling us on 020 3397 1333.

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This is a two-day foundation course, designed to give a real understanding of the GDPR.

Many foundation courses simply “tick the box” of you having attended a course. Ours is designed to give you more – more time to discuss the content, more time to gain a real understanding of the GDPR and what it means in practical terms.

Contents covered include:

  • The core principles of the GDPR
  • Lawful basis for processing data
  • Consent, and the issues surrounding it
  • Data controllers and data processors
  • Records of data processing
  • Data security
  • Breach reporting
  • The role of Data Protection Officers
  • Conduction Data Protection Impact Assessments
  • Mapping data flows
  • Transferring information abroad

Courses run in London and Birmingham and cost £650 + VAT per person.

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The four-day GDPR Foundation and Practitioner course is an intensive, hands-on course designed for those who will be managing their organisation’s compliance with GDPR, whether in the official role of a Data Protection Officer or not.

In this course, we will cover all the key points within the GDPR, including:

  • The core principles
  • Lawful basis for processing data
  • The issues around consent
  • Demonstrating compliance with the GDPR
  • The rights of data subjects
  • The role of the Data Protection Officer
  • Conducting Data Protection Impact Assessments
  • Breach reporting

However, we will also take a practical approach to implementing the GDPR, answering questions such as:

  • How to create an information asset register
  • How to conduct a data mapping exercise, including various software options which may be useful
  • How to create Privacy statements
  • What will you need to add to your databases to comply with GDPR?
  • Direct marketing and data protection, including the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulation
  • Assessing risk

For more information regarding this course, including schedules and latest prices, call us on 020 3397 1333, or click the button below.

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